J. George

Jacob George Lampert (always referred to as J. George by the family) was born on March 13, 1871, at Oshkosh, WI, and died January 2, 1948, at Rapid City, SD in his 77th year. While a student, he became very active in DeMolay. In adulthood he attained the rank of 32nd degree in the Fraternal Order of Masons. For years he was "Dad" to the DeMolays. His working years were spent as a mining employeeof the J. R. Mine at Hill City, until the mine was sold, and thereafter he joined the Rapid City Lumber and Machinery business in charge of the paint department. While in Hill City, he met and married Edna Clifford on June 25,1902, at Keystone. Edna was born on February 14, 1877, at Grand Island, NE, and died on June 20, 1960, at Spearfish, SD. She was 83 years old. Edna was admired by the other families for her cooking abilities. Her daughter describes her as a wonderful mother of the two children she and J. George raised. The first child was named Kenneth Clifford and their daughter was named Marian Ellen. While J.George was young and able he built a cabin out of scrap lumber on US Forest Service lease land about 10 miles west of Rapid City along Spring Creek. The cabin became known as 'Cliff Dale' and was enjoyed by J.George and hisfamily for years. In the late '30's the cabin was sold to Arthur A. Lampert (2) and was utilized as a vacation spot by he and his family until 1959 when the US Forest Service withdrew the lease and required that all structures be dismantled


son Kenneth and his wife, Meredith and J. George


 Children of J. George and Edna Clifford
 Kenneth Clifford
 Marian Ellen


Kenneth Clifford Lampert was born December 4, 1904, at Keystone, SD.

He died at the age of 69 on October 4, 1973, at Springfield, PA. He was married to Meredith Gertrude Halpin (born May 14, 1905) on June 18, 1928, at Philadelphia, PA. Kenneth earned a BS degree in Chemical Engineering at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (1925) and a MS ChE from the University of Minnesota. He initially was employed by the International Lead Company, East Chicago, Illinois. He later moved to Philadelphia where he was employed by the Krebs Pigment Company, a subsidiary of E.I. Du Pont Co.  He helped in the development of an instrument for testing the viscosity of paint.  His picture appeared in the March 23, 1929, issue of the Saturday Evening Post, as part of a two-page ad by E. I. Dupont De Nemoures and Co., Inc.  During World War II, he worked for the US War Department at the University of Chicago in the development of the Atomic Bomb under the direction of the Italian-born American physicist Enrico Fermi. Throughout the balance of his working life he was employed as a Chemical Engineer by the Du Pont Co., holding several technical and management positions.  He retired after forty-four years of service with Du Pont, having held several technical and management positions. Kenneth and Meredith spent much of their time traveling throughout the country attending square dance conventions. After Kenneth's death, Meredith moved to Upstate New York to be closer to her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She resided at Herkimer, New York, until her death at age 93 on July 11, 1998. Kenneth and Meredith had two children.

The eldest son was named John Gordon and the second son was named Ralph Thomas.


Kenneth, Edna, Great Grandmother Clifford (Edna's mom), Meredith and John Gordon Lampert and "teddy bear" Great Grandfather Clifford (Edna's dad), Harriet Bridgeman (Meredith's mom), J. George

(August 1943)

  John Gordon Lampert was born April 7, 1940, at Upper Darby, PA.

 John's first marriage was to Katherine Regina Moran on March 2, 1959, at Marple Newtown, PA. They were divorced on October 26, 1970. John Gordon and Katherine were the parents of three children; Douglas John, Michael William, and Susan Lee. John Gordon married Patricia Ann Shaul on July 24, 1971, at Herkimer, NY. They were divorced December 22, 1986. John Gordon and Patricia were the parents of two children; Kristin Lynn (adopted by John Gordon) and Jon Kenneth. On August 28, 1987, John Gordon married Betsy Culpepper at Faulkner County, AR.  Betsy has one daughter, Hannah Liv Tvedten,

 John earned a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lafayette College in Easton,PA.  After  31 years of service in several technical and management positions with Du Pont, he elected an  early retirement.  John is currently employed, part-time, as Operations Manager with G-II Solutions, Central,  SC,  and is also a Licensed Home Inspector in SC and NC.  John enjoys home renovations and landscaping, hiking, back packing and motorcycle riding.

Children of John Gordon Lampert


  Ralph Thomas Lampert was born July 26, 1945 at Upper Darby, PA. He died     on December 17, 1948, at Springfield, PA at the age of three.


Marian Ellen was born October 23, 1916, at Rapid City, SD.and married Bruce E. Welton on July 1, 1943, Fort Mason, CA. Bruce was born December 18, 1915 at Miles City, MT. Marian and Bruce had one daughter, Jean Marie, born September15, 1945, at Rapid City, SD. In June, 1960, Marian and Bruce divorced. She married Roy Brandt July 16, 1960, and was divorced from Roy in January, 1964.

On December 10, 1970 she remarried Bruce Welton in Denver, CO. They returned to Rapid City where Marion was employed in the Trust Department of Norwest Bank. Bruce served with the National Guard for many years. He died at the age of 73 on August 14, 1988, at Rapid City. Marian continued to reside in Rapid City until her death on October 2, 2005 after falling and breaking her hip a few months earlier. Jean Marie Welton, only child of Marian and Bruce Welton, who was born at Rapid City, SD on September 15, 1945.  Jean currently resides in the Beverly Nursing Home in Rapid City, SD. Jean Marie died at the age of 65 on March 4, 2011 at Rapid City Regional Hospice.


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