George Salmon Reeves died today, July 12, 1966 at his home in Trenton, Michigan, a victim of a self inflected gunshot. George had been ill for many years suffering from what the Doctors termed involutional melancolia.

George Reeves married Francis (Williams) Lampert at Sturgis, SD in 1946. After their marriage they lived on the HB Ranch just a few miles north of Rapid City. George was a sheep rancher, a farmer and a writer. After his high school graduation he obtained a journalism degree from the University of Michigan but he always yearned for the prairie of western South Dakota. He moved back to the HB ranch and ran it with his 'uncle Harry' until Harry's death. All of this history is chronicaled in the Avery Hopwood winning novel A Man fom South Dakota published by E.P. Dutton in 1949.

The South Dakota blizzard of 1949 drove Fran off the ranch so she and George moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where George attended the University of Michigan obtaining an advanced degree in english. There he became close friends with english professor Roy Cowden and his wife Mabel. Professor Cowden offered George a job running a small farm near Saline Michigan so for several years George raised sheep there plus working at several local industries. After a fire that burned down the barn and killed all the sheep George gave up and moved to an apartment in Ann Arbor. But he wasn't happy, moving from Ann Arbor to Detroit and then to Trenton, Michigan.

He continiued to try and write but as his depression deepened the words just wouldn't come forth. He tried working at McGlouth Steel in Trenton but had difficulties adjusting to working with the union. His depression worsened even more and after several unsuccesful at suicide he finally was succesful on July 12.

His body was cremated and his ashes scattered.