Grace Kresse Lampert was born on October 3, 1910 at Rapid City, SD. She married Lou Perlman in 1940. They were divorced and Grace married Lawrence Shelton in 1943. Grace worked for the telephone company, the South Dakota National Guard and the Selective Service System. She lived in Omaha, NE, Sacramento, CA then moved back to Rapid City, SD where she worked at the SD National Guard Headquarters. In 1950 she began work for the Selective Service System and worked there for 23 years until her retirement. In 1981 she moved to Tucson Arizona where she now lives. Grace died May 10, 2002 at age 92.

Children of Grace and Lawrence Shelton

Robert Victor (Perlman) Shelton
 Grant Lee Shelton

Robert Victor (Perlman) Shelton was born on March 25, 1941 at Rapid City, SD. <Bob was adopted by Lawrence Shelton.> Bob married Nancy Koester (B. January 21, 1941) on April 20, 1963 at Watertown, SD. Bob attended the University of South Dakota for his predental requirements from 1959 to 1961 and then graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1965 with a D.D.S. Nancy attended the University of Minnesota after a year at S. Cloud St. Bob and Nancy have three children; Scott Robert Shelton who was born December 13, 1963 at Minneapolis, MN, Amy Elizabeth Shelton born December 30, 1965 at Madison, MN; and Mary Lampert Shelton born July 5, 1969 at Minneapolis, MN.

Scott Robert Shelton born December 13, 1963 at Minneapolis, Minnesota currently lives in Arizona.
Scott married Michelle Marie Busch at Los Vegas, NV on October 22 1994. Scott and Michelle have twin sons born on September 26, 1996, Wolfgang Alexander Shelton and Seth Robert Shelton were born at Tucson, AZ. Emma Rose Shelton was born April 20, 2000 at Tucson, AZ.

Amy Elizabeth Shelton born December 30, 1965 at Madison, WI.married William (Tad) Jewell (born November 13, 1965 at Montrose, CO.) on May 1, 1993 at Tucson, AZ. Amy graduated from the University of Arizona in 1989 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising.

Mary Lampert Shelton born July 5, 1969 at Minneapolis, MN. She married Craig Gilbert (born October 5,1968 at San Jose, CA) on January 4, 1992 at San Jose, CA. Mary is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in communications. They had a daughter, Mikayla Rose Gilbert, born May 8, 1992. Craig and Mary were divorced in February, 1993.

Mary married Michael Andrews on June 25, 2000. Michael and Mary have a daughter, Angela Michael Andrews, born June 18, 2002.



Grant Lee Shelton was born on August 27, 1944 at Rapid City, SD. Grant was married to Judith Diane Stone (b. October 31, 1942) on August 11, 1963. Grant Shelton graduated from the SD School of Mines and Technology with a BS in mechanical Engineering. Grant and Judy were divorced and Grant married Debra Mae Schaffer Herbertson (b. February 28, 1948 at Cheyenne Wells, CO.) at Littleton, CO. Grant is Vice President-Operations for BEI Engineers/Contractors, Lakewood, CO. Debra has two children by a previous marriage; Christopher Dale (Herbertson) born November 17, 1969, at Englewood, CO; and Cindy (Herbertson) born February 28, 1972, at Littleton, CO.

Grant and Judy Shelton had two children

Brett Lee Shelton born November 26, 1963 at Rapid City, SD. Brett has a BS in business from Baker University, Baldwin City, KS (1987), an MA in Philosophy specializing in Environmental Ethics and Decision Theory from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS (1990).

Carrie Jean Shelton born May 22, 1972 at Denver, CO.

Debra (Herbertson) Shelton had two children before she and Grant married.

Christopher Dale Herbertson born November 17, 1969 at Englewood, CO.

Cindy Herbertson born February 28, 1972 at Englewood, Co married Myles Falger on April 10,1994 at Englewood, Co. Cindy and Myles have two children.

Drew Allan Herbertson born June 26, 1990 at Littleton, CO

Calan Jay Falger born October 5, 1995.