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A long while after initial work had been completed, lamperts.com loaded, up and running on the internet I began to hear from peoples with the name lampert from all over the world. So far (February 2001) lampert's from Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Russia, Israel, England, Wales, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and many States in the USA have contacted me to ask "are we related". To most I have had to say "no, not directly". But with each inquiry there came a growing realization that we are indeed all related, all of us as citizens of Planet Earth. Their surname may not be Lampert but somewhere, somehow, each of us are related. The branches of the tree are many but the trunk is common to all the branches. Knowledge of that fact sould make each of us ever more mindful when dealing with each other. That is my wish.

I will try to answer any each email. Even if the answer is "no, we are not directly related" please do not give up your search. Searching will bear fruit.

Arthur Arno Lampert Jr.
February 14, 2001


When this project was first begus an old story was remembered. 'A young girl approached her father and asked, "Daddy, where did I come from?" The father gulped hard and launched into an age appropriate explanation of the 'birds and the bee's'. When he was all done the daughter looked perplexed and replied "Gee, I thought I came from Philadelphia". So, Rachel, you were born in Philadelphia, but your roots stretch far. Arthur, you carry the name of your great great grandfather and this website is his legacy and for you.

Such is the journey into one's ancestry. One thing leads to another and pretty soon you discover that there's much more to be learned than just where you were born and where your parent's were born.

To all relatives of Jacob R. Lampert. This website is for you. To explore your past and to learn of your relatives. If you find an error please contact me and I will correct it. I have tried to verify all information contained in these pages with at least two sources.

My thanks to all those who have helped and contributed including Orlin Walter Lampert, Jim Lampert, Jim Evans, Jane Evans, Blanche Cammack, Mae Melvin, Arthur A.Lampert(2), Wendy Redal, Cheryl Bingham, John Gordon Lampert, Charles Moulton and the the Counsul General of Switzerland.

A special thanks to my wife, Barbara Lampert who urged me to continue when I wanted to give up; and for her assistance in entering data; and for her unfailing love.

To all my relatives: This is just a beginning and each of you must continue to feed me information so this can truly be a living family history.

For any Lampert not listed in these pages please contact me and let's find out how we are related because very likely we are, somehow.