Children of Walter and Winnie Lampert



Donald Keith Lampert was born June 18, 1951, at Peoria, Illinois. He attended Goodman Institute in Chicago and studied theatre and presently makes his home in Minnesota.


Susan Claire Lampert was born May 23, 1954, at Peoria, Illinois. She married Robert Proctor at Allendale, New Jersey June 18, 1977. Susan and Robert had one daughter, Charlotte Elizabeth born May 27, 1980, at Allendale. Susan and Robert are divorced. Susan and Charlotte live in Morristown, New Jersey where Susan is employed as a paralegal.



James Walter (Jim) Lampert was born October 31, 1955, at Wellington, New Zealand and adopted by Walter and Winifred. He is married to Wendy Smith (born June 14, 1954 at Colorado Springs, CO. They reside in Birmingham, MI with their three children; Matthew Craig Lampert born on January 29, 1979, Marisa Catherine Lampert born on August 6, 1981, and Kieran James born on December 22 at Southfield, MI.

Jim is a 1977 graduate of Hope College. Wendy is a 1976 graduate of the same college. They were married in Holland, MI on May 7, 1977, and lived in Columbus, Ohio until 1982, when Jim began employment with the General Motors Corporation in Detroit. He currently produces corporate meetings, conferences, and shows for General Motors, both in the USA and overseas. Wendy works in the financial office of a computer service company in Troy, MI.

In the fall of 1997, Matthew will attend Marywood College in Scranton. PA; Marisa will be a junior at Seaholm High School; and Kiery will be in the eighth grade at Derby Middle School.


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