Arthur Arno (3)

Arthur Arno Lampert (3) was born at Rapid City, SD on August 25, 1941, in the old 'General Hospital' located on the SW corner of 8 the St. and South St. Art's mom remembers it was as 'hot as hades' on that day. Because Art's grandfather died years before his birth he became known as Arthur Arno Lampert Junior. Arthur's father was present at the birth, fortunately, because his son didn't breath following the birth by c-section. His father immediately intubated him and breathed for him until the son was able to maintain respirations on his own. The technique not widely used at that time but was one which had been learned by Arthur Arno (2) in his medical training at Northwestern University and Harper Hospital. (For learning this technique I am forever grateful -sitemaster's note.) The younger Arthur Arno Jr. spent his early years in Rapid City. After WW II, Arthur Arno (2) and Frances were divorced. Young Arthur alternated between Rapid City, the HB Ranch 10 miles North of Rapid City, Ann Arbor, Michigan and finally Rapid City again full time in the early 1950's. Art Jr. graduated from Rapid City High School in 1959, attended the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology for 4 quarters, then enrolled in Iowa State University for one year. He returned to South Dakota and continued his education at the University of South Dakota graduating in 1963 and 1965. Arthur moved to Philadelphia, PA, completed his last two years of medical education, graduating in 1968 with an MD degree from Temple University. Art Jr. was a commissioned officer in the MSC of the United States Army during this time, having enlisted in ROTC in 1959 at SD School of Mines and then accepting a direct commission in 1967. Art Jr. married Judy Rae Hiatt on July 3, 1963. Two children were born of this marriage. Arthur Arno Lampert (4) born on Jan 31, 1964, in Yankton, SD. and Rachel Ann born on March 24, 1967, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (sitemaster note: Because Art Jr. and Judy wanted their son to bear his grandfather's name but were not real big on 'numbering', Arthur Arno (4) is known simply as Arthur Arno Lampert on his birth certificate.) Arthur Jr. and Judy were divorced. Arthur married Barbara Gail Hedberg on September 26, 1969, at Sioux Falls, SD. Arthur Jr. was discharged from the US Army because of Multiple Sclerosis. An Army Medical Board found him unfit for active duty under military regulations in December 1968 and he was honorably discharged. Arthur was able to carry on a limited medical career in Madison, SD. He was associated with the Madison, Clinic, Ltd. until his retirement in 1986. Arthur Jr and Barbara returned to Rapid City where they make their home today. Barbara worked for many years as a Certified Nurse Anesthetist. She now devotes many volunteer hours to Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity, the Calvary Lutheran Church and to the Cornerstone Rescue Mission. For several years she was the newsletter editor of The South Dakota Trail Riders as well as serving as an officer in the club.

During the Panama Invasion and the Persian Gulf crisis, (Operation Just Cause; Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm) Arthur Jr. worked for the Veterans Administration Hospital at Fort Meade, South Dakota as a WOC volunteer physician. On March 27, 1998 Arthur received news that he had been accepted into the Sons of the American Revolution after having proved direct lineage to Clement Marshall who in 1775 served in Captain Reuben Dickinson's Company of Minute Men, one of the first Companies to respond to the Lexington Alarm.

Arthur and Barbara are active with the Black Hills Dog Training Club and The Rapid City Kennel Club both AKC affiliates. They own two Giant Schnauzer's.


Arthur Arno Lampert (4) was born on January 31, 1964 in Yankton, SD, completed high school in Madison, SD in 1982, joined the US Army and married Sharon Lynne Hansen of Howard, SD on October 3, 1982. Art and Sharon have one daughter, Stephanie Lynne born January 22, 1985 at Landstuhl, Germany (when Art and Sharon lived in Marheim, Germany. Arthur is now a senior NCO and is presently stationed in Hawaii. He is a veteran of both Operation Just Cause and Operation Desert Storm. Sharon is employed in the financial department for a local travel agency in Hawaii. After leaving Hawaii Art finished his military career while serving at Fort Polk, LA. Arthur and Sharon live in Louisiana

Hawaii,October 1997

Stephanie Lynne was born while Art and Sharon were living in Germany. Presently she is a scholar student and active in the Girl Scouts and karate. She just won competitions in the Islands and is headed for the US Karate Championships being held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Stephanie is in College.



Rachel Ann was born on March 24, 1967, at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. Rachel completed high school in Madison, SD, went to Dakota State University in Madison for one year then married Steven Langner of Ramona, SD on October 4, l986. Steve and Rachel have two children; Ashley Elizabeth born March 1, 1988, at Sioux Falls, SD and Christopher Steven born April 29, 1990, also in Sioux Falls. Rachel returned to school and obtained a degree in Respiratory Therapy. She worked for the Sioux Falls VA Hospital until the spring of 1997 and is now employed at the Sioux Valley Hospital Sleep Laboratory. Steve has his own dairy operation and raises alfalfa and grain crops for the cow herd. Steve and Rachel are divorced.

Steve Langner

Ashley Elizabeth was born March 1, 1988 at Sioux Falls, SD.

Rachel Ann Langner

Christopher Steven was born April 29, 1990 at Sioux Falls, SD.

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