Ada Elmira

Ada Elmira Lampert, third child of Jacob and Anna Katherine Lampert, was born April 11, 1876 at Stevens Point, Wisconsin and died January 2, 1961 at Rapid City, SD at the age of 84. She married Patrick Joseph Egan on January 29, 1896. Patrick Joseph Egan (often known as Jr.) was born at Dublin, Ireland on March 11. 1872 and died June 7, 1957 at Rapid City, SD at the age of 85. Patrick's father was Patrick Francis Egan, born August 13, 1841 at Longford, Ireland and died on September 30,1919 at New York City. Patrick's mother was Alice Mary Magee, born 17 February 1845 and died March 1, 1918 at New York City. Patrick Francis was a miller by trade but was heavily involved in Irish politics and served as Treasurer of the Land League in Parnell's time and later served as Minister to Chile under the Benjamin Harrison.

Ada and Pat had two children; Aileen Kresse Egan born August 22, 1904 and Lampert (Pat) McGee Egan born November 20, 1908 at Rapid City, SD.


Aileen Kresse Egan was born at Houston, TX on August 22. 1904 and died May 24, 1960 at Chattanooga, TN at the age of 55. Her father, Pat Egan, was serving in the Texas Legislature at the time of her birth. She was married on June 5, 1926 to Wesley William Moulton. Wesley Moulton was born July 24,1898 at Cresbard, SD and died May 5, 1981 at Albemarle, North Carolina at the age of 82. Aileen graduated from Northern State Teachers College in Aberdeen, SD and played the organ and piano in area churches. Later she obtained a Master's Degree in education from the University of Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN and taught in the Chattanooga Public School System. Wesley earned a Bachelor of Science degree from South Dakota State College in Brookings, SD and an M.S. from the University of Minnesota and taught science in Mitchell, SD. During the summers he worked for the US Customs Service at Lake Metigoshe, ND. and subsequently went to work full time for the U.S.Customs in Noyes, MN, & then in Chattanooga, TN. In his life he visited all 50 states. Aileen and Wesley Moulton had three children; Charles Wesley Moulton born March 5 1927 at Mitchell, SD; Myrtice Aileen Moulton born November 16,1928 at Mitchell, SD; and Marian Louise Moulton born January 4, 1936 at Mitchell, SD.


Myrtice Alexander, Charles Moulton, Marian Fincher
November 1997
Burlington, NC

Charles Wesley Moulton was born March 5, 1927 at Mitchell, SD. He married Elizabeth Ann Lang (b.March 10, 1925). Charles is a graduate of the University of Chattanooga, TN (1949) and the University of Pennsylvania (Ph D 1955 - Chemistry) Libby graduated from Marygrove College, Detroit, MI with a BA in English in 1947.

Myrtice Aileen Moulton was born on November 16, 1928 at Mitchell,SD and was married to Richard L. Alexander of Mobile, Alabama on July 14, 1951. Richard was born October 14, 1920 and died July 19,1987 at the age of 67. Myrtice is a graduate of the University of Chattanooga 1949. Richard spent 20 years serving his country in the US Navy and then worked for AT&T for another 20 years. Myrtice now lives in North Carolina. Lampert (Pat) McGee Egan was born November 20, 1908 at Rapid City, SD and died October 21, 1992 at Rapid City, SD at the age of 84. Pat's middle name came from his Grandmother Alice Mary Mcgee.

Lampert Pat Egan married Juanita Evensong on June 18, 1932 at Rapid City, SD. Juanita was born March 4, 1911 at Toronto, SD. Pat was part owner and manager of the Gateway Lanes Bowling Alley in Rapid City as well as having a positions at the Rapid City Lumber and Machinery. Pat and Juanita have 1 child; John Michael(Mike) Egan born June 24,1939.